HK Drama

HK Drama

In The Chamber Of Bliss – 蔡鍔與小鳳仙

Pages Of Treasures – Click入黃金屋

Wax And Wane – 團圓

The Duke Of The Mount Deer 1998 – 鹿鼎記

The Election – 選戰

Man In Charge – 幕後大老爺

The Brink of Law – 突圍行動

Guardian Angel – 守護神之保險調查

The Return Of The Condor Heroes (1983) – 神鵰俠侶

The Good The Bad And The Ugly – 網中人

Being Twins – 兄兄我我

The Learning Curve Of A Warlord – 大帥哥

Wife Interrupted – 救妻同學會

The Menu – 導火新聞線

If Love Was Not Timeless – 假若愛有期限

Looking Back in Anger – 義不容情

Fist Fight – 兄弟

With or Without You – 東坡家事

The Borderline – 警界線

Catch Me Now – 原來愛上賊

OMG Your Honour – 是咁的 法官閣下

Lost in Shell – 迷失假期

Elite Brigade IV – 火速救兵IV

Coffee Cat Mama – 貓屎媽媽

Steps – 舞動全城

The Bund 3 – 上海灘龍虎鬥

Life on the Line – 跳躍生命線

Men with No Shadows – 不速之約

Deadly Protection – 保護證人組

Heartstrings – 烈火狂奔

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