HK Drama

HK Drama

Friendly Fire – 法網狙擊

A House Is Not A Home – 家變

Master Of Martial Arts – 黃飛鴻系列之鐵膽梁寬

Angel’s Call – 他來自天堂

The Ultimate Crime Fighter – 通天幹探

Another Era – 再创世纪

Another Era (English subtitles) – 再创世纪

Outburst – 900 重案追兇

Nothing to Declare – 緝私群英

My Son-In-Law – 婆媽女婿

It Takes Three – 三相逢

The Bold Ones – 豹子膽

The Trail of Love – 前世冤家

The Gem of Life – 珠光寶氣

Master of Play – 心戰

Grace Under Fire – 女拳


Afterlife Firm – 身後事務所

Bride For A Ride – 王老虎搶親

A Change of Heart – 好心作怪

Instinct – 笑看風雲

Sweetness In The Salt – 碧血鹽梟

The Tale of Yanxi Palace (Cantonese) – 延禧攻略

The Stunt – 特技人

Lost in Love – 大囍之家

No Love Left In…Tainan – 愛情沒有來的時候

You Light Up My Life – 夢斷銀城

The Legend Of The Invincible – 劍魔-獨孤求敗

The Foundation – 決戰玄武門

Beauty at War – 金枝慾孽貳

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